5/2/20 I am slowly redoing my webpage. New pictures are being added. I am never going to have a cart and checkout and all that fancy stuff on this webpage. At least a couple times a month someone tries to order the wrong type of string for a vintage bow. Other times they want the wrong length. I am here to block that from happening. A cart and checkout does not allow me to catch mistakes.
Flemish strings for your recurve and longbow by bearbowman
Flemish string for your recurve and longbow by bearbowman bear recurve traditional bow bowstring bow string selfbow osage bow
Temporary Group Pic B-50 Strings
Color Code: Br/r-Co/tntn

Temporary Group Pic Fast Flight

Flemish Strings

Accent Flemish

Flemish Strings with a Money BACK Guarantee
If you unhappy with your new string I will buy it back.

Click Here for Fast Flite, 452, 452X, 450 Plus, DynaFLIGHT 10, DynaFLIGHT 75, DynaFLIGHT 97, Astroflight and 8125 Strings

Why buy from me? Quality. Check out competitor strings. Are the loops twisted tightly? This is where strings normally fail. Once I have performed the required number of twists for the loop size I compact the loop bundles with a couple of rotations before forming the actual loop. This will make for a longer lasting string since the strands will not shift around and wear as quickly. My strings are made to strict specifications. If you want a string 58" long that is what you will get. I do not twist my strings up to get the length. I make the string about 3/4" shorter than ordered and stretch it till it seats at the proper length. End result? Your string is not all twisted up like a slinky and it is not gonna stretch. You will find that my strings creep very little and you do not have to continually tune your bow. Please check below the picture of what happens when you do not counter-twist your bundles. If you have spent $300 or $1300 on your bow no sense in being thrifty on your string. B-50 strings are $15.00. There is no price break for a two color string so you may as well get an accent string where I incorporate one strand of a completely different color into each bundle to give the string an added "accent" Most B-50 strings are served with standard nylon serving and all tag ends are trimmed for a neat appearance. All B-50 colors being made now are available. Those colors include black, blue, bright yellow, brown, light brown, cedar(ivory), cocobolo, hunter green, kiwi, gray, teal, red, tan, yellow and white...I also have some pink and purple. In nylon serving I have black, brown, green, red, yellow, royal blue, sky blue, white and green camo. I will need the weight and AMO of your bow and if you are undecided on the color scheme for an "accent" string let me know the glass colors and I will work one up for you. Also specify recurve or longbow so I can make the proper size loops. It would not hurt to specify the model of your bow/bows either. Some bows like Wing and Herters that have a radical recurve actually require a shorter string than the normal AMO standard. To measure your string take the string off of the bow at its current brace height. Do not let it untwist. On a B-50 string it would be best to have had the bow unstrung for a few hours. Hook one of your loops on a nail and pull it tight. Take an end of loop to end of loop measurement while the string is under light tension to the nearest 1/8". This is your actual string length. Be sure to state whether your current string material is B-50 or some kind of fast flight or other high performance material. If you are going from B-50 to some kind of fast flight or from fast flight to B-50 please realize your string is going to be a different length. Please mention this!

If you are unsure of your string material click below

Determine Your String Material

Shipping is a flat rate of $4. Buy one string.........its $4. Buy 27 strings.........yup its $4. Gotta have that tracking. A single B-50 string shipped is $19.00. Any non-padded FF style strings are $21.00 shipped. A padded loop string will run $23.00. I urge everyone to invest a couple bucks in a bow stringer. My favorite is the Bateman Stringer. You can find one on eBay for under $15 shipped. Email to order bearbowman@comcast.net

Please.........follow these steps to expedite your order and decrease the number of correspondences.

1) Tell me what kind of bow you have. Include brand and model, AMO(bow length), and weight. Ex. Bear Kodiak, 60", 55#.

2) Determine your current string material...........is it some type of high performance material or is it B-50? See the link above.

3) Determine your string length. Instructions in the first paragraph. Realize that if you are going from B--50 to fast flight or from fast flight to B-50 your string length is going to be completely different. Please determine your string material first

4) Let me know if you need any string silencers. I carry beaver balls. They are $5 loose or $8 installed. They are 5 inches long

5) Pick your color scheme. My color code is as follows: Black/bk, Brown/br, Red/rd, White/w, Hunter Green/hg, Yellow/y, Tan/tn, Cocobolo/co, Blue/be, Purple/pe, Cedar/ce, Gray gy, Pink/pk, Light brown/ch, Kiwi/ki. You can chose up to 4 colors for a string. Example...if you want a string that is basically tan and black with maybe a touch of white then the color code would be Bk/w-Tn/w The first color that is capitalized is the main bundle and the second smaller cased color is the accent in the bundle. If you want two accents of white in the black bundle and just one in the brown bundle it would be Bk/2w-Br/w get it?

6) Put as much info in your subject heading as you can. If you are ordering a string for one of the all green Bear Kodiak Magnums your subject heading might look like this:

Bear Kodiak Magnum 52 47 1/2 Hg/tntn-Hg/be w/BB (This is with beaver balls)

Which equates to a Bear(Make) Kodiak Magnum(Model) 52(AMO) 47 1/2(String Length) Hg/tntn-Hg/be which would be a string that is all hunter green with two strands of tan in one bundle and one strand of blue in the other bundle.

Here are some other pics.

Twisting Detail

Here are two color options I like for a 1965 Kodiak or Kodiak Magnum. This string would be great on a mid to late 60's Kodiak Magnum or a late 60's Kodiak Hunter too!

Color Code: Br/hg-Tn/2ch2gy

Color Code: Bk/gg-Tn/y

Here would be a string that I would put on my 66 Kodiaks. Also a great string on a Red Wing Hunter etc.
Color Code: Bk/rr-Tn/y

Notice how round the serving is. No lumps and bumps here.

Now the lower string in this next pic makes me nauseous. I bought this strung off one of my competitors so I could see the quality. As you can see
the bundles do not actually "lay" together.
Looks more like someone is trying to mesh two pieces of manila rope together. My strings mesh nicely due to a counter twisting I do that keeps the strands all lined up.

Heres the perfect string for your blue stripe Super Kodiak
Color Code: Bk/be-Tn/y

This is the string I normally make for a mid 70's futurewood Grizzly that has the green and black riser or green and brown riser and brown glass.
Color Code: Tl/yy-Bn/yy

Here's another option too
Color Code: Br/ww-Tl/tn

This string looks good on many bows with yew lams or yellow glass etc. You be the judge.
Color Code: Tn/bk-Y/2w

Here are a few earth tone strings
Color Code: Br/w-Bk/w

Color Code: Br/y-Bk/ww

The possibilities are endless.

Color Code: Bk/gngn-Bn/co

Color Code: Hg/2bk-Tn/co

Color Code: Bk/hg-Bk/w

Color Code: Bk/w-Bk/rd

Color Code: Gr/y-Bn/y

Color Code: Bk/2y-Br/2tl

Color Code:
Color Code: Bk/2hg-Tn/w

Color Code: Br/rr-Tn/wy

Color Code: Br/y-Gr/rd

Color Code: Br/co-Bk/co

Color Code: Bk/co/Tn/y

Color Code: Bn/cotn-Bk/tn

Color Code: Co/y-Bn/cd

Color Code: Co/bkbk-Tn/cdcd

I get all kinds of requests for string patterns. Here are a few

Color Code: Tn/brbry-Cobrbrcd

I offer beaver balls as string silencers. They are a full 5" long. These are $5 loose or $8 installed.

Now if you still want a plain ole two color string I still make them. They are $19.00 shipped as well.
A word of caution! Don't let your buddies order strings for you or you are liable to end up with something like this :)

String making can be a little tricky. Here is my son Ethan when he was 10(he is 30 now!)making his second string. Ethan made an excellent string when he was 9 and I still use it today. Ethan did however have have some trouble connecting the dots on this one. Lets follow his progress...............

Here is Ethan laying out the first bundle

Now the second bundle

Man I hope these guys don't notice I stuck Grandma's shoes on to come out side

Whew!! They can't see the shoes now

Dad!! I can't get this stupid thing to work

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